We are in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan so that local people can have a greater influence over the development of buildings and land in our area. 

A Neighbourhood Plan is a policy document, written by local people, that helps decide how buildings and land are used and where new developments should be located, according to local needs. Once completed, the plan will be subject to a local referendum and, if successful, will be used when deciding whether planning applications should be approved.

In order to create a Neighbourhood Plan, we first needed to create a Neighbourhood Forum – to oversee the process and take our plans forward.  In city areas, where there is no town or parish council, Neighbourhood Plans are led by a forum drawn from people local to the area.  The Neighbourhood Forum is open to anyone who lives or works in the area, including volunteers and local Councillors, and must have at least 21 members.

The Middleport Neighbourhood Forum became constituted in 2017 and has submitted an application to the Council for designation.

The official name of the Forum is ‘Middleport Neighbourhood Forum (including Longport and Dalehall)’.  The official name of the Plan is the ‘Neighbourhood Plan for Middleport, Longport and Dalehall’.  The area in which the Forum will pursue its objects is the Middleport, Longport and Dalehall Neighbourhood Area, which is the area designated by Stoke-on-Trent City Council for which the Forum will produce a Neighbourhood Plan (and outlined on the map below).

The purpose of the Forum is:

  • To prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Middleport, Longport and Dalehall area;
  • To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Middleport, Longport and Dalehall area;
  • Any other appropriate purpose agreed by the Forum.

If you live or work locally and want to help improve the area, contact the Neighbourhood Forum using the details below:

Name: Mick Edge – Chair, Middleport Neighbourhood Forum

Phone Number: 07464 402161

Email Address: planformiddleport@gmail.com

Facebook group: @planformiddleport

The Neighbourhood Plan is restricted to the area outlined on the following map.