Our Vision, Mission, Values, Aims & Objectives


A safe, thriving and welcoming place for everyone.


Middleport Matters helps develop our community as a sustainable place for all who live, work and visit.


  • Engage in the economic, social and environmental regeneration of the Middleport area;
  • Independent and aiming for self-sufficiency;
  • Not for private profit;
  • Community owned and led;
  • Actively involved in partnerships between the community and the public and private sectors.


  1. To bring people together and improve a sense of belonging.
  2. To improve the health and well-being of local people.
  3. To improve the built and natural environment and enhance the local reputation.
  4. To support local businesses and encourage employment and enterprise.


Objective 1
  • To own and manage community facilities and other assets.
  • To actively engage a diverse programme of events and activities.
  • To pursue a programme of crime reduction and neighbourhood safety.
Objective 3
  • To support and develop high quality new building and the conservation of our local heritage.
  • To support programmes that enhance the natural environment.
  • To pursue the Middleport Neighbourhood Plan.
  • To raise the profile of the area through events and positive stories.
Objective 2
    • To raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyles.
    • To create and sustain spaces and opportunities for healthy living.
Objective 4
  • To provide employment space.
  • To provide income generation investment opportunities to the area.
  • To pursue a programme to develop the skills and employability of local people.
  • To carry out initiatives to support local businesses.