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Cool Savings

Inside an empty fridge

Cool Savings

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We need to work flexibly with changing demands to ensure energy efficiency.

When the pandemic struck, we identified a need for food support. We obtained two additional fridges to help us do this vital work. As lockdowns and restrictions have faded, so has the immediacy of the need. The fridges were no longer regularly full, so we reorganised everything into our main fridge and switched them off to save energy.

We switch them on occasionally if we happen to get a large donation of refrigerated foods, but usually they stay off. We have calculated that we are saving 43.5kWh every month. This equates to around £22 saving on our energy bill. We’re also saving around 14.8kgCO2e each month, which is a similar amount of pollution to what is produced by driving 28 miles.

You can download a full report with the details here: