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New Neighbourhood Champion Scheme

New Neighbourhood Champion Scheme

Article Written:

We are really pleased to be launching a new scheme to support residents of Middleport, Longport, and Dalehall to become champions for their community.

We know there are already lots of residents who take great care of their area and neighbours and we want to recognise them and help them to inspire others to do the same.

Residents can choose to champion for their whole street, estate or any section that is manageable to them.

  • If your street or estate is quite small, you might be happy to cover the whole area.
  • If you live on a longer road or larger estate with more properties, you may prefer to look after a small section.
  • You can work on a larger section if you feel up to it and you may also consider seeing if other neighbours wish to sign up too, so that between you the whole neighbourhood is covered.

It’s a really flexible scheme- how much time you put in will depend on the needs of your neighbourhood and the activities you decide to do. There are no set time constraints, you’ll just need as much time as necessary to do the things you choose to do. If you’re ambitious in your choices, you could try enlisting some of your neighbours to help you.

There are lots of ways Neighbourhood Champions can look after their area and neighbours to make it a cleaner, greener and friendlier place to live. We would love to hear your ideas of how we can support you to become a Neighbourhood champion and make this happen.

Some examples of ways you could look after your neighbourhood are:

  • Be active in initiatives to reduce litter, fly tipping, anti-social behaviour and other negative impact activities. This could include litter picking, reporting fly tipping or joining our Community Team to improve green spaces in your neighbourhood.
  • Share information about activities with your neighbours that could be of benefit to them. These could be social sessions, family activities, our befriending service, police drop-ins and more. You might even want to temporarily have a poster in your window.
  • Keep in touch with your neighbours and help them to feel part of the community. Sometimes, a smile and a hello can be the greatest gift to give.
  • Represent your neighbours and provide feedback on what matters to them. Middleport Matters aims to help make Middleport, Longport, and Dalehall a safer, more welcoming and thriving place to be, so feedback from local residents is very important to us, as well as the wider city.
  • Work with us to organise ‘street meets’ to bring your neighbours together and create a sense of belonging. Meets could be held at our venues, on a green space, even in someone’s front garden or driveway! We can help to set this up, you’d just need to get your neighbours on board. It’s a lovely way to get to know your neighbours and to introduce them to each other, it could even help new friendships blossom.
  • Share ideas with other Neighbourhood Champions and work together to achieve more. Sharing your successes with other champions will help them to achieve their goals too.

You do not need to be limited to what’s in the list. We want to offer as much flexibility as possible, so you can identify the issues you want to address and find solutions that suit your neighbourhood.

If you’re passionate about your neighbourhood and want to bring your neighbours closer together or improve the environment of your neighbourhood, register to become a Neighbourhood Champion below.

For any further information, contact us here, call us on 01782 817590, or call in to see us.