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Climate Carnival

People are concentrating on crafts under a gazebo

Climate Carnival

Article Written:

Our Climate Carnival was fun for all with games, activities and cake… but also some serious environmental messages.

People gathered to try their hand at turning litter into art and making recycling towers on Saturday 14th October 2023. They won prizes on the “hook the litter” stall and tried vegan nibbles and cake made without eggs; animal products are typically quite bad for the environment.

Who can make the tallest recycling tower?

It was an enjoyable day, but it also had a serious side. Our climate is changing rapidly due to human activities and we all need to understand what’s happening and what we can do to prevent the worst. In amongst the fun and games were displays showing a Freak Weather Show and challenges to making greener lifestyle choices.

People were invited to tell us about local green spaces that need a bit of love. They also pledged to make changes to their lives, like eating less meat and encouraging friends and family to find out more.

Four options to help the environment: Eat less meat & dairy, Buy less stuff, Use less plastic, and Use your voice. Each one has a number of sticky dots on it from people pledging to make that change.
Green dots representing pledges to help care for our environment. These options are things most people can find ways to do in their lives.