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Fabulous Fungi at Root’n’Fruit

A small mushroom cap pokes out from between blades of grass.

Fabulous Fungi at Root’n’Fruit

Article Written:

Autumn is a great time to go looking for fungi, but remember the golden rule: don’t touch!

We spent some time at Community Gardening in mid November looking around the Root’n’Fruit site to see what fungi we could find. We ended up with quite a variety, including several very different ones all together on one old log.

An old log with several different fungi growing on it. There is a lumpy white slime mould, several bracket fungi with pale wavy edges, and lots of tiny blue cups.
Some of the various fungi we found.

Many species of fungi are very poisonous, so we made sure not to touch any of the ones we found and just carefully took a few photos.

You can see the full list of what we found in our report.

Community Gardening runs every Tuesday morning, 9:30 – 1:30 and is open to all adults.