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Support our Youth Social Action group

Support our Youth Social Action group

Article Written:

Our Youth Social Action group, in partnership with Stoke City Community Trust, want to make POSITIVE CHANGE in Middleport, and across the city.

The group of 11 young people have been passionately discussing the issues that matter to them most and have come up with an action plan of making change!

The group have decided their top 3 priorities and will spend the next 6 weeks making their plans a reality. They wish to provide food for the homeless, provide hats, gloves & scarves to the homeless, and give back and say thanks to their families who do so much for them, by putting together small hampers and make cards to go with them.

The young people have been busy writing to local businesses, and groups who may be able to donate to the cause. They have made posters to give out to neighbours and at school, and have even given a wonderful presentation and dance to our Operations Manager, Vicki, in a bid to raise funds for their project.

If you’d like to support the young people in their mission, please consider donating the following items to their causes:

  • Dry snacks- e.g. cereal/snack bars, trail mix, rice cakes, crisps
  • Drinks- e.g. bottled water, juice cartons
  • Hats, gloves & scarves

You can also donate money for the young people to purchase the items above.

Donations should be dropped off to our Newcastle Street Hub (177-179 Newcastle Street, Middleport, ST6 3QJ) Monday to Friday 9:30am – 12:30pm.