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Teas & Toddles (Root N Fruit)

Teas & Toddles (Root N Fruit)

Article Written:

Teas & Toddles at Root N Fruit is back and as popular as ever!

Our Teas & Toddles group is back following a break for winter and is increasing in popularity week by week. So far this year we have engaged with 97 individuals including 47 Adults and 50 Toddlers, 66 of these being first time attendees.

Each week we carry out activities such as planting, free play, messy play, nature craft, bug hunts and much more. These activities encourage independant play and the sensory elements of the allotment have a positive impact on the children as they explore the difefferent smells, textures, tastes and sounds of nature.

We absolutely love coming every week, when i mention the allotment she goes to get her coat and wellies and waits by the door for me to get her into the car. It’s such a unique place to come and she loves playing and exploring the allotment.

Below are some of the many benefits of time outside which show why outdoor play is important to childrens development from an early age.

  • Children who play outside are more physically active, more creative in their play, less aggressive, and show better concentration.
  • Outdoor play and learning enhance body balance and coordination and also helps to increase agility and strength.
  • Introducing children to new environments helps to increase the immune system.
  • Unstructured free play is essential to children’s physical and mental health and enables the children to “be themselves” and explore and develop their own sense of self.
  • The most direct route to caring for the environment as an adult is participating in “wild nature activities” before the age of 11.