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Creative Club- a group for budding artists

Creative Club- a group for budding artists

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Creative Club is a fun, inclusive, and educational group for young people age 10 -16 who have a interest in art. Whether they wish to practice their creative skills in an informal setting or get to know more about artists, practices, and techniques, Creative Club has something for all budding artists. The club originally began with a small group that has now grown to 8 – 9 attendees. The sessions run every Tuesday 5pm – 6.30pm during term-time. Each week the session focuses on a different art style, specialism, or medium and there is always something to be proud of to take home at the end.

Creative Club have worked on collaborative projects, such as the “Stories of Middleport” exhibition where local children and families created their own Middleport buildings from boxes to create a visual representation of the stories and heritage within the local area.

There is often a focus on other projects and local events such as our “Magical Middleport Winter” outdoor lighting display, in collaboration with Appetite, that took place in January this year. Creative Club visited the display in Middleport Park where they had the opportunity to photograph and sketch the various lighting sculptures. This then influenced their work for the next few sessions and they created their own intricate paper lanterns inspired by the lantern display.

“I started to attend Creative Club with my sister last September when we started our home schooling. We wanted something social to do outside of the home and our Mum had looked everywhere for something but couldn’t find anything and then she found out about Creative Club online. I feel like Creative Club has helped to develop my social skills and I feel like my art skills have definitely improved. I’ve got to know people from this area and my confidence has grown. The people are so friendly and there is something fun and different to do every week.”

Tanisha, who started to attend Creative Club and now has a role helping out at the session as a young volunteer.

Creative club is suitable for all abilities, whether an expert or a complete beginner, wanting to build confidence and skill. In the next few months the Creative Club will begin creating work to for an exhibition, where they will showcase their work to the public, curated entirely by them. There is no booking required for Creative Club, if you would like more information please feel free to get in touch.