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Drop the pop – environmental case study

The tops of many drinks cans

Drop the pop – environmental case study

Article Written:

We are supporting several local residents to live in a more environmentally friendly way. One has dropped her regular cans of coke in favour of keeping a refillable bottle of squash in the fridge.

There’s something uniquely refreshing about a drink straight from the fridge. But if that drink is a can of fizzy pop, there’s an environmental cost involved. Carla, a local resident, has switched from keeping cans of pop in her fridge to filling bottles with squash.

Since stopping drinking cans of pop not only has it saved me money it’s also helped with my weight. I feel healthier for it and not so bloated


In this new case study, we calculated and compared the environmental impact of the cans with the impact of the squash. Carbon footprints are a measure of how much greenhouse gas is released in making something. They are measured in grams or kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent, known as CO2e.

The weekly carbon footprint of the fizzy drink was 4.3Kg CO2e, but the squash was only 2Kg CO2e – saving around 2.3Kg CO2e every week! Aa a bonus, Carla was also saving money and felt healthier after the swap.

This shows that small lifestyle changes can be easy and effective, you just have to find the ones that work for you.

You can download the full case study below.