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Saving the planet, saving the pounds!

A variety of eco-friendly cleaning products

Saving the planet, saving the pounds!

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Working out how to live in a more eco-friendly way can be a real challenge, especially with busy lives and tight budgets. A small group of residents in Middleport have been finding ways to save the environment while also saving money.

There are many environmentally friendly products available, from eco soap to vegan food to green energy providers to electric vehicles and so on. Working out which ones are actually good can be tricky, with many companies making claims that sound good but don’t have much substance – a practice known as greenwashing. Often the products with the greenest credentials also have the highest price tags or simply aren’t available in local shops.

Working with Middleport Matters’ Eco Lifestyle Coordinator, a small group of residents have been exploring options to reduce their own environmental impact. The scheme, part of the Eco Lifestyle Project funded by Cadent Foundation, has supported them to find changes that are affordable and achievable for typical Middleport households.

It’s great to learn about all these products that I didn’t know were out there.

Eco Resident

Some of the changes have been around buying choices, with group members swapping to refills for cleaning products and solid shampoo bars instead of bottles. Others have been around daily habits, like ensuring pans have lids and using a smaller, more efficient air fryer instead of the full oven.

Between the various changes, the group have reached a massive annual saving of over 750Kg CO2e – around the same as driving 1,500 miles in an average car. They are also using 200 fewer plastic bottles a year. Alongside these excellent environmental improvements, the group are also saving around £1,300 a year compared to previous habits. You can read more in the full Eco Residents Review.

The scheme will restart in September with a new group. If you’re a resident of Middleport, Dalehall or Longport and would like to be part of this exciting opportunity, get in touch with Middleport Matters.