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Sustainability students’ top tips on saving energy

Top energy saving tips around the house

Sustainability students’ top tips on saving energy

Article Written:

Sustainability students from Keele University researched and produced a poster specially for Middleport residents showing how they can reduce their environmental impact in their own homes. All the tips are affordable and achievable, with ideas for every room.

As part of their course, sustainability students at Keele are expected to get involved in a real-world project. One group chose the Eco Lifestyle Project at Middleport Matters. They worked closely with Middleport Matters to determine the scope and intent of their project. They researched the area, looking at demographics data and statistics. They also visited Stitched Up, the regular knitting and crochet group, to meet residents directly and understand their needs.

They researched practical energy-saving advice from organisations like Ofgem and Energy Savings Trust. After reviewing the information available and considering the needs of Middleport residents, the group put together a list of ten top tips and turned them into a colourful poster.

Their top tips include:

  • take short showers instead of baths
  • fit energy saving bulbs everywhere
  • wash clothes at 30
  • only boil the water you need

You can download a printable version of the poster below.