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Summer Eco Programme “Hidden Habitats”

Summer Eco Programme “Hidden Habitats”

Article Written:

The Family Eco Programme ran for 6 weeks during the summer holidays 2022. The project followed on from our regular Eco Club and looked to provide a session to encourage local families to look after the local community. The theme of the summer was “Hidden Habitats” and focussed on different areas around the community that would usually be overlooked.

“I loved learning about different animals and where everyone lives”

“I love Eco Club craft … it’s fun and you learn lots”

We taught the families about the importance of local habitats. The sessions involved games, craft and discussion-based learning.

“There’s loads of things that live here. I didn’t even know!”

“I love the canal it’s my favourite place”

Before the summer we did some sessions on “Eco Eating” and the children decided that through the summer we would have eco friendly lunches. This included foods with a low carbon footprint and minimal packaging – the children enjoyed trying vegan cheeses and a variety of new foods. We also had discussions around the food each week.

“Wait I didn’t know eating tuna hurt the ocean … I’m never eating Tuna again!”

The Eco Programme activities were all carried out using existing resources and recycled materials so the cost of this was £0.00. The total cost was £97.34 which provided 60 lunches that averages around £1.60 per head.