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Games Night Review

Games Night Review

Article Written:

Starting in March 2022, Games night has been held on Thursday evenings at the Newcastle Street hub. 

The group enjoy playing a variety of games, all requiring different skills.  We have played a mixture of quizzes on general knowledge and pop culture across the decades, which encourages reminiscing.  We always have a selection of board and skill games, which have been great for the older participants dexterity and fine motor control. They particularly enjoy light-hearted family games, which brings a lot of humour to the group and is a great bonding experience.  The group also enjoy a regular game of bingo, this encourages close concentration.  Feedback from the group indicates that the session reduces feelings of isolation. 

There have been 39 sessions in 2022, with 219 attendances from 28 individuals. 

I’ve had great fun tonight, I’ve not felt this silly in years. We might not know how to play the games but we have fun trying!


I’ve never played Uno before but what great fun it is, even with this cheeky bunch.


It’s nice to get out in the evening as I just sit at home most nights.