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Eco Lifestyle Project

Funded By

Middleport Environment Charity (MEC)

Middleport Environment Charity

It’s undeniable that climate change is causing problems – with news of floods and bushfires around the world, and the increased storms we’ve experienced here in Middleport… The Eco Lifestyle Project aims to support people in making affordable, achievable changes to reduce their environmental impact.

Eco Lifestyle Project
A selection of environmentally friendly products

MEC have invested in a ‘typical’ local house to demonstrate what residents can achieve to support the environment, and we manage the project and work closely with the tenants, as well as other local residents. We are helping them to understand how their lifestyle impacts the planet and supporting them to find and try ways to live in a greener way, using less energy and resources. Their experiences are used to showcase what is possible for local people to achieve, even on a very limited budget.

I’ve really enjoyed learning about all the different things that I didn’t know were out there – things like washing machine sheets and shampoo bars

Sarah, local resident

This project also includes awareness sessions and community learning, as well as producing information and reports in a variety of formats. We cover topics such as saving energy in the home, understanding carbon footprints, and how dietary changes can be good for the environment. We also regularly meet with a small group of residents to discuss various eco-friendly changes they can make. We encourage everyone we work with to share their learning with others.

I use the lightbulbs and I’ve told my mum and dad about it and they’re quite fascinated as well

Carla, local resident

We have produced a number of reports as part of this project, which are available for download.