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Eco House Energy Saving Potential

Energy Performance Certificate showing current rating 49 E and potential rating 85 B.

Eco House Energy Saving Potential

Article Written:

As part of the Eco Lifestyle Project, we have written a report on the energy saving potential for our Eco House. We’ve looked at lots of options and assessed whether they’re feasible and affordable.

The house is a typical two-bedroom terrace, with a small yard, a fitted kitchen and a family bathroom. The energy efficiency of the property was assessed some years ago and an Energy Performance Certificate was issued rated E. That leaves a lot of room for improvement, with A being the highest possible and B being the highest thought possible for this house. However, a lot of the measures that would be needed to bring the rating that high are very expensive and require significant work.

Overall, we concluded that major changes to the house such as solar panels or fitting a heat pump would be too expensive and not practical. They would likely not be feasible for the average Middleport resident. However, if grants become available that could change things.

Smaller changes like making sure all lightbulbs are energy saving and fitting reflector panels behind radiators are much more affordable and have been done. These are things that most households could manage and which would also reduce the amount of electricity the home uses – which is particularly important with energy prices currently so high.

You can download and read the full report.